Live-action series about fearless Czech resistance fighters of World War 2: Balabán, Mašín and Morávek. A story about friendship and the courage to fight. Whatever the cost.

Czech lands are occupied by Nazi Germany. Three men - Mašín, Balabán and Morávek - fight against its ideological rule. Together, yet alone. This makes their legendary resistance group called TheThree Kings (as in Magi) an exceptional cell. By strict conspiracy means, they keep themselves out of reach of the dangerous Gestapo who chip away at the Czech resistance movement, trying to get to the heart of it. The Three Kings create a vast intelligence network and conduct acts of sabotage. And above all, they cooperate with the most controversial German agent who has ever worked in the service of Czechoslovakia: Agent A-54 a.k.a. Paul Thümmel. The fierce fight of three devoted lone warriors sets an example for today's world. With no real prospect of a happy ending and a high probability that if the happy ending was to be achieved, they would no longer be alive to see it, they are a unique example of fighters for freedom.

original idea: Kateřina Doležalová / script: Kateřina Doležalová, Marek Grajciar, Ondřej Moravec / script consultants: Martina Kinská, Ondřej Gabriel / consulting experts: PhDr. Petr Blažek, Phd., PhDr. Stanislav Kokoška, PhD., Prof. Detlef Brandes/ producer: Hana Blaha Šilarová

supported by: Czech Film Fund

Czech Republic | 10 x 50 min | feature TV series

contact: Hana Blaha Šilarová / +420 602 792 856 /