To guard the ammunition depot and not to interfere - that's the instruction given to a soldier guarding a weapons depot somewhere in a foreign country. From the safety of the control centre at his home base, he operates a surveillance drone and witnesses, almost live, a massacre between the inhabitants of two neighbouring villages. Part of it he sees from the drone, which he pilots himself, and part of it comes to him from social media, where the perpetrators and would-be victims post their videos directly from the scene. The soldier is thus part of a triangle from which he cannot escape, even though he himself may be thousands of kilometres away. What attitude should he take to the traumatic experience? Coldly professional? And what can he use to justify it? Perhaps because he had clear instructions. Maybe he couldn't have done anything about it anyway. Maybe barbarism is normal in a foreign culture. But one rationale contradicts the other. More and more layers are revealed in the landscape of his memory (and also in the memory of the landscape he observes), layering and breaking down the desired attitude until at least some of it must be suppressed, and the mind thus harmonized. Perhaps by viewing people as mere economic units. 

script, director: Andran Abramjan / head of technology, DOP, 3D animation: Jan Hoffmann / producer: Hana Blaha Šilarová

supported by: Czech Film Fund, South Moravian Film Fund

Czech Republic | 15 min | experimental

distribution contact: Hana Blaha Šilarová / +420 602 792 856 /