A psychological portrait of a totalitarian mind through the eyes of the last Soviet and first post-Soviet generation.

Almost 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union the regalia and strong man rhetoric of the totalitarian era are making a comeback. Could the rise be aided by the remnants of totalitarian servility in our own heads? The director of the film Ivo Briedis and journalist Rita Ruduša, both born in the USSR, are going on a journey to explore the phenomenon of HOMO SOVIETICUS and to discover whether a human being of the totalitarian mindset has specific geographical boundaries.

script: Rita Ruduša / director: Ivo Briedis / DOP: Mārtiņš Jurevics / sound: Oskars Ostrovskis / editor: Tomáš Elšík / producers: Gints Grube, Elina Gediņa - Ducena, Mistrus Media / co-producers: Jitka Kotrlová, Hana Blaha Šilarová, Frame Films, Jurga Gluskiniene, Monoklis

festivals: One World 2021

Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania | 2021 | 70 min | DCP, MP4

Czech distribution contact: Jitka Kotrlová / +420 774 131 613 /